Field Accounting Coordinator

Real Hospitality Group

Location: US - MD - Ocean City

Aug 30, 2017
Job Details

REPORTS TO:  Field Accounting Manager

Purpose for the Position:  To assist the Field Auditor and Field Accounting Manager with research, auditing reports, and general administrative duties.

Essential Responsibilities:

  1. Complete monthly mini-audits on all properties, verifying accuracy of revenue and tax reporting, ledgers, and payments.

  2. Assist with research and compiling information for internal audits.

  3. Assist with gathering information for state, city, and county tax audits.

  4. Support properties with daily issues, such as reporting, discrepancies, and frequent questions.

  5. Travel to properties throughout the portfolio to help with system issues, reporting, and training. Fill in for property accountants when necessary.

  6. Track completion and scores of all internal audits. Report updated audit records to Corporate Office weekly.

  7. Any other duties as required by Field Accounting Manager.

To do this kind of work, you must be able to:

  • Must have at least 2 years of hotel front desk or night audit experience.

  • Have great attention to detail.

  • Understand and use computers and related equipment.

  • Excellent interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills with the ability to comfortably communicate to all levels of management.

Physical Demands:  Lifting 10 lbs. maximum and occasionally lifting and/or carrying such articles as dockets, ledgers, and small tools.  Walking and standing are required only occasionally.  Reaching, handling, feeling, talking, hearing, and seeing.

Environmental Conditions:  Inside:  Protection from weather conditions but not necessarily from temperature changes.  A job is considered "inside" if the worker spends approximately 75% or more of the time inside.

Math Skills:  Requires mathematical development sufficient to be able to:  Apply mathematical operations to frequency distributions, reliability and validity tests, normal curve of variance, correlation techniques, etc.

Language Skills:  Must have developed language skills to the point to be able to:  Read newspapers, periodicals, journals, and manuals.  Write business letters, summaries and reports using prescribed format and conforming to all rules of punctuation, grammar, diction and style.  Participate in discussions and debates.  Speak extemporaneously on a variety of subjects.

Relationships to Data, People, and Things:

Data:  Coordinating:  Determining time, place, and sequence of operations or action to be taken on the basis of analysis of data; executing determination and/or reporting on events.

People:  Negotiating:  Exchanging ideas, information, and opinions with others to formulate policies and programs and/or arrive jointly at decisions, conclusions or solutions.

Things:  Using body members, hand tools, and/or special devices to work, move, or carry objects or materials.  Involves little or no latitude for judgment with regard to attainment of standards or in selecting appropriate tools, objects or materials.

(ref. 31545)
We are an Equal Opportunity Employer that considers applicants without regard to race, sex, religion, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.
Additional Details
Applicants who do not already have legal permission to work in the United States will not be considered.