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Explore an exciting career in hospitality with Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort is a retreat for the wellness enthusiasts and weekend warriors alike. Both historic and sense-evoking, we follow an integrative and innovative approach to wellness that results in a uniquely healing destination. Our blueprint outlines a 70,000-square-foot spa and wellness facility designed to boost and maximize your balance, endurance and strength.

A pioneer in the world of wellness, Carillon Miami's Spa & Beach Club spurs the motivation to not only look good on paper but more importantly, becomes the driving force to accelerate you as an individual. Wellness is the state of being in good health and with that notion in mind, we have created a platform to actively pursue that goal. Access to our Thermal Experience, Fitness Area and Atlantic Pool, along with a Bi-Annual Physician Consult and Private Training at your disposal, to name a few, are all calculated to inspire and achieve maximum results. Optimal health isn't just something seen at a glance, here at Carillon Miami, we attain what we profess, and we'd like to veer you in the right direction. Start your program today and appoint Carillon Miami as your new wellness confidante.